About Us

About Us

SeenGreat is a community marketplace for hardware creators and enthusiasts. We are always committed to providing high quality electronic products and services, our products have passed CE, FCC, RoHS and other certifications.

We have specialized in the development and improvement of products related to Raspberry Pi, Arduino, ESP32, and STM32 over the years, including Raspberry Pi HATs, Arduino development boards, LCD screens, touchscreens, sensors, cameras, and more.

SeenGreat also provides software and documentation related to these products to help customers get their development projects off the ground quickly, aiming to help customers turn their ideas into reality.

Hobbyists, students and professionals alike use SeenGreat's products, which are compatible with popular development platforms such as the Raspberry Pi and Arduino, ESP32. In addition to standard products, SeenGreat offers custom design and manufacturing services to meet specific customer needs.

Adhering to the philosophy of "Making Innovation Simpler", the company is committed to providing simpler and more reliable electronic products and solutions for customers, and providing strong support for electronic hobbyists and developers around the world. Whether you are a professional engineer, a student or a hobbyist, SeenGreat has the products and services you need to realize your ideas.